The Tree Conference 2017

is pleased to present:


Dr. Diana Beresford-Kroeger is an Irish born medical biochemist & botanist.

Her extensive & broad-ranging research includes aerosol particles produced by trees whose action relaxes the brain and delivers immune system boost to the body.

She will confer with us on the day via Skype.

Read more about Diana & watch the trailer for her film ‘Call of the Forest’ here


Dr Alan Rayner is a Bath based, evolutionary ecologist, writer, artist, poet, President of the Bath Natural History Society, and a former President of the British Mycological Society.

Alan will join us to share his insight into fungi with a talk titled ‘Understanding Trees and Fungi as Flow-Forms’. He will share with us his knowledge of  a few of the hundreds of fungi working specifically in branch decay, heart wood and around the roots of trees.

Learn more about Alan and his work here


Wendy Stephenson is the Treasurer for TreeSisters, International Tree Charity supporting the reforestation of the Tropics.

Wendy will be talking about the work of TreeSisters on the ground in India, Africa and South America and the Tree Sisters unique method of working with their female supporters and why they have been so successful.

Learn more about Wendy and the work of TreeSisters here


Bruce Parry is a renowned documentary film maker. He has worked widely with indigenous people around the world, notably in the BBC2 documentary ‘Tribe’

Bruce will talk about his first-hand experiences about non-western relationships with trees and forests & understanding the human perspective from a variety of different cultures who live in the forests of the world.

Read more about Bruce and his latest film ‘Tawai’ here

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